Nik Takmopoulos, President

Internal and external demands for better reporting are more significant than ever before. All of these different requests – from internal risk reviews to investor queries or regulatory compliance – require individual formats and data from multiple sources. Asset managers find themselves juggling numerous systems to complete a single report. Then, there is a need for verifying and reconciling data, and refreshing multiple times before there is confidence in the data. Can you retrace your steps to find that one number that doesn’t look right? Did someone else accidentally change something?  Is there a formula or standard input error that is causing the issue?

LUX FTS offers a comprehensive solution to this traditional, duplicative, time-consuming process with LUX Transcend, a customizable, multi-functional platform. Unlike other systems, LUX Transcend features include data aggregation and data management to meet a customer’s core reporting needs with the technical sophistication to continually adapt to new and evolving technology. Not only can you draw from proprietary data and combine it with sourced downloads, but you can also create individual reports and follow the audit trail for all the information.

LUX FTS strives to respond directly to your challenges and demands. As a firm of industry professionals, the LUX FTS team has sat in your seats to resolve the most frustrating issues. LUX Transcend is designed as a single, all-in-one, user-friendly platform, licensed to enable multiple functions and flexibility. At LUX FTS, we offer the ideal solution: 80% of the core infrastructure is pre-built, while the remaining 20% is customizable to your needs and your systems.  The decision is no longer Buy versus Build, and we’ve built a new hybrid in LUX Transcend. Our clients focus their time and effort on the last 20% of the project and not attempting to develop the 80% core that LUX Transcend offers from day one.

Our clients can tailor and expand their use of proprietary data sources, calculations, processes, reports, and dashboard views, either individually or for a shared group. LUX Transcend allows your company’s internal Business or IT users to personalize what they need to see, how it is displayed, or how new reports or files can be generated – for more than one type of release, requested by any department, in the required format. The web-browser front-end and mobile-friendly versions allow for user engagement prompts and easy access. You can add new forms, draw from various data sources, and style reports and dashboards painlessly.

LUX Transcend is state-of-the-art technology for your critical daily functions and streamlines the underlying components you use every day. The advanced configuration ensures system stability, performance efficiencies, and robust security. Beyond data aggregation and data management, LUX Transcend provides an editable calculation library. All data tables, calculations, and processes have audit trails for transparency, collaboration, and troubleshooting.  Each client system has a secure cloud-based server, not a multi-tenant environment. Encryption is active at rest and in transit. Your data is safe with us.

Our commitment to client service means helping our clients easily transition to new procedures during the installation. To expedite a smooth integration, LUX FTS assigns a team of experienced business and technical advisors to address on-boarding, implementation, and training for all users. The initial statement of work and on-boarding team outline the timeline, installation roadmap, and implementation process to meet your expectations. Manageable goals are clearly articulated to achieve full functionality. Along the way, the team welcomes a continuous feedback loop with each user and expects an honest evaluation to ensure your satisfaction — the team reviews and signs off on enhanced or refined final modifications before automating full functionality.  

If you are ready to streamline the number of systems you use to create reports, to more efficiently manage proprietary and external data sources, and to customize output formats, you will find LUX Transcend offers you the highest quality, customizable solution all in one place.   

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