LUX Transcend


Investment Staff

Whether you’re a portfolio manager, risk manager, trader, or analyst, you need exposure and performance information at your fingertips. With LUX Transcend, you can source and leverage multiple data sources to enrich your holdings data with market data and analytics. Clean, extend, aggregate, summarize, and arrange your data in extracts and visuals to suit your needs.

Standard & Custom Attributes for Sorting:

  • Sector
  • Country/Region
  • Market cap
  • Strategy
  • Issuer
  • Client-driven
  • Custom attributes
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Accounting & Operations

With your own projects and mandates to worry about, there’s usually little time to focus on special implementations or configurations for accounting queries and data requests. Thanks to LUX Transcend, that’s no longer a problem.

LUX Transcend is specially designed to automate manual tasks such as meeting infrastructure requirements, operational strategies, creating accounting ties to the fund administrator, transaction tracking, and more. As responsive Geneva experts, LUX provides the necessary project management, issue resolution, control oversight, custom financial statements, and NAV recon.

Let LUX Transcend create custom financial statements to streamline your month-end process—find breaks and reclassify investment types and financial accounts on the fly.

IR, Marketing & Front Office

Imagine: quick access to a custom, easy-to-read report every time you receive a data request or query from a portfolio manager or prospective investor. With LUX Transcend, this possibility is a reality.

Offering custom visuals and on-hand analysis for otherwise inaccessible data, LUX Transcend provides the project management, issue resolution, and control oversight you need to operate effectively. Best of all, it’s the most efficient and value-driven platform on the market.

IT Departments

Make the most of your software development resources by selecting a platform designed to add value to your IT strategy.
LUX Transcend is a cloud-based platform that handles all upgrades and release management, including Quality Assurance (QA), allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Choosing Transcend’s professional-grade platform also includes:

  • Technical and operational outsourcing support
  • Upgrade services for existing portfolio accounting installations